Balanced Bodywork & Skin Therapy
What is Dermaplaning?

Does it feel like your complexion has become dull, weathered, and aged? Would you like to restore the natural glow of your skin in a safe, simple way? That’s what the purpose of the dermaplaning facial happens to be. It’s a very effective way of exfoliating the skin so that it removes the duller complexion of the dead skin cells that can develop over time. As an added benefit, it also removes the fine facial hair, sometimes called “peach fuzz,” that can be bothersome to some. Is this procedure right for you?

Dermaplaning Is Not Associated with Dermabrasion

One of the reasons why dermaplaning is often avoided is because there is a natural phoenitic association with dermabrasion, which is a medical procedure that basically sands down the layers of the skin to encourage new growth without wrinkles, age spots, and other cosmetic problems. Dermaplaning, on the other hand, is a quick procedure that has very few adverse effects because you’re simply having the skin abraded with a few light strokes to encourage a deep exfoliation.

There are no chemicals used during this procedure, making it the perfect option for women who are pregnant and worried about something that could affect their child. It removes built-up oils and dirt, so the skin looks healthier, brighter, and even younger. It is best used as a proactive procedure, so if you’ve already got acne, sores, or skin problems because of building residues, a different cleansing procedure may be advised.

Won’t Removing Thin Facial Hair Make It Darker?

One of the tales of shaving that many hear growing up is that when you shave hair to remove it that the hair will eventually grow back darker and thicker than before. As long as the hair is what would be considered “peach fuzz,” the hair will simply grow back in the same texture and style as it did before. It also helps to encourage blood flow through the skin, which can help to remove toxins and provide oxygenation, which is why many seem to “glow” after having it completed.

A dermaplaning facial is also a great thing to have before a more intensive cosmetic medical procedure. Many doctors will recommend having this facial done before having a deep chemical peel or a laser treatment as it helps condition the skin and prepare it for a faster healing process. Dermaplaning is even used before light chemical peels or cleansing facials sometimes because it is so effective at stimulating blood flow and cleansing the skin from impurities.

If you feel like your complexion could use a refresher, then a dermaplaning facial could be the answer to your problems. It digs deep into your pores and hair follicles to remove the built-up dirt and oils that can create complexion nightmares! If you’re ready to look radiant and happy once again, this is the procedure to consider getting. With very few adverse effects possible, you’ll be feeling like new once it has been completed.